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  • Why My Internet SPEED Is Slow ?

    Did you know your Internet speed is shared?     Every connected device in your home uses some of your Internet speed. Activities that affect your Internet speed: Having m...

  • How to Set Up a Wireless Router

    When you open that router box for the first time, all the different cables and ports can feel intimidating. Even the instruction manual might read like a foreign language. Fortunately, you’re not t...

  • Complete Guide to Extending Your WiFi Network

    The bottom line: before you buy any new hardware, make sure your current router is positioned in the center of the home and not obstructed by walls or furniture. For the average consumer, mesh ext...

  • Cloning MikroTik Routers, Quick and Easy

      If you are wanting to configure multiple MikroTik routers with the same configuration, or to copy a config from one router to another, the best way is to use an export.  The export command dumps ...

  • Mikrotik reboot alert with false detection checks 2

      Scenario: We have a routerboard which have 2 wan pppoe-outX dialers. Gmail account is configured to send alerts. On the same LAN we have KANNEL sms gateway server which acts as a central sms gate...

  • QOS with Mikrotik

    QOS With Mikrotik Following are few scenarios for some examples : Post#1 – PCQ base Bandwidth Management with different bandwidth for DAY / NIGHT / DAYS using TIME feature in Mikrotik Scenario: We...

  • Give specific web site assigned Bandwidth on per user basis

    For example you want to limit bandwidth on per user basis for SPECIFIC WEBSITE ONLY. Let’s say 4mb per user for facebook.com The logic is simple.1- First create a script that adds the web site ip t...

  • Traffic base priority via Queue Tree in Mikrotik

    Bandwidth Management Fast-Track ! No theory, Just coding … Requirement: We want to restrict  client with 128 kbps. BUT also want to prioritize it based on traffic type. Example … Client-A IP = 101...

  • Limit user traffic using PCQ (also useful for Hotspot Bypassed MAC address)

    To limit all users to 512kb epr user, using PCQ, use following script.   /queue type add kind=pcq name=download-512kb pcq-burst-rate=0 pcq-burst-threshold=0 pcq-burst-time=10s...

  • Recursive Routing Example

    Introduction Let us suppose that we have several WAN links, and we want to monitor, whether the Internet is accessible through each of them. But what if your modem is up, and telephone line is ...